VVF [India] Limited

“…With more than [a] decade of association with OK [Kosher], our relationship nurturing day by day, we are very happy with the way OK Kosher keeps updated with technology such as the DigitalKosher platform and their flexibility to offer their services through continued business support.”

Abhijeet Jalkote
Manager – Supply Chain

Godrej Industries Limited

“…The OK Kosher policy of no tolerance towards compromising on business ethics compliments our thought process and made our business relations grow to a level of mutual trust and admiration over the years. We started with OK Kosher certification for three of our manufacturing locations across India in 2006 and continued to grow to the current levels of [eleven separate facilities, as well as] another of the Godrej Group of companies, Godrej Agrovet Ltd. also currently certified by OK Kosher.”

“Our association with OK Kosher has been a tremendous help in gaining widespread approval for our products in the international business space and access to major buyers worldwide who insist on products certified kosher by reputed certification agencies only.”

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Nitin Nabar
Executive Director & President (Chemicals)

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