For companies seeking to produce private label products at OK-certified manufacturing plants and obtain rights to make use of OK Kosher trademarks (or any other of OK Kosher’s registered Certification Marks ( or ).
  • Private Label Company Information

    **Please note, the entire Private Label Application is to be filled out by the private label customer.**
  • Is the private label company under Jewish ownership? Please note that in order to comply with kosher requirements during the Passover season, there are specific requirements for businesses owned by Jewish individuals.
  • Is this product intended to be sold in Israel? Please note that kosher products sold in Israel must comply with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's specific requirements. We can advise you on these requirements upon review of your submitted application.
  • OK Kosher Certified Manufacturer Information

  • As listed on the kosher certificate for the product. Please note: Labeling must be done at manufacturer's site in order to qualify as a PLA. This will be verified by OK Kosher before proceeding with PLA.
  • Please list product names exactly as the they will appear on the product label, along with their corresponding KID (found in the center column of the OK Kosher certificate.
  • You may submit a list or spreadsheet of the relevant products.
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  • Please upload product labels, if available. If they are not available at this time, please be informed that OK Kosher will require submission of labels before approval can be given to release the products to the market with our symbol.
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