Your Kosher Contact Person

Understanding how your appointed Kosher Contact Person liaises with your OK Kosher Rabbinic Coordinator and Account Representative. 

The Kosher Contact Person is the principal coordinator between your company and OK Kosher.  They will handle all aspects of the kosher program as detailed in the Certification Manual.

The person chosen for this role should be:
  1. An employee of the certified company;
  2. In a position of responsibility in relation to regulatory and / or quality;
  3. Competent to implement and maintain kosher requirements as detailed in the custom-tailored kosher requirements given to each manufacturing site;
  4. Computer literate and able to submit information and documentation in a timely manner.
The Kosher Contact will liaise with OK Kosher regarding all matters relating to certification, including:
  1. New ingredient and vendor submission for approval via our online portal.
  2. Product formula submission, as well as reformulation of existing products and product name changes, via our online portal.
  3. Label submission for all approved products, ensuring proper use of the trademarked OK Kosher logo.
  4. Ensuring that existing products and new products bear the correct restriction (such as Pareve, Dairy, Passover, etc.) as displayed on their kosher certificate.
  5. Notifying OK Kosher any time production is shifted between approved facilities.
  6. Answering any questions regarding submitted information.
  7. Arranging visits to the manufacturing sites, and responding to any follow-up questions.
  8. Invoice payments in a timely manner.
  9. Private Label Agreements for any private label customers who wish to use the trademarked OK Kosher logo on their products.
  10. Implementing the addition of new manufacturing or co-pack facilities to the existing company contract.
  11. Annual renewal process, including updating expired ingredient certificates and payment of any outstanding invoices.
  12. Coordinating with receiving personnel to ensure that only approved ingredients are brought into the facility (as listed on the approved Raw Materials list), and that they comply with the Guide for Receiving Kosher Ingredients.
  13. Notifying OK Kosher of any personnel changes relating to the kosher program.
  14. Posting the OK Kosher logo/OK Kosher certification on the company website. Although this is not mandatory, it usually is of great benefit in marketing products to customers.
These guidelines reflect the needs of the most companies we certify. For companies with multiple manufacturing facilities or divisions, we recognize that more than one kosher contact may be involved. Special training is available for these situations, or for any of our customers who need specific guidance.  Please contact your dedicated OK Kosher Account Rep for more details.

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